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New Advertising Business Plan

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

The reason that ads are no longer for sale on the MyWestGeorgia network is that I am trying my best to find a way to afford Charities and local web designers the ability to sell ads on the network and keep 100% of the money on both an immediate and residual basis.

I believe I have finally arrived at a business model which will give back to the local communities in the fashion I imagined when I first started this network.

The problem is I am not a programmer and I need someone to help me design the membership script for the network where we can set up multiple sellers and allow them to keep the money from the ads they sell. This would offer a great fundraising tool for approved charities and also afford local web designers, who need the work, a way to open doors with potential customers by building them an ad on the network, and then allow these web designers to retain 100% of the money from the ads they sell.

If it works I will one, help local charities, two, help fellow web designers to build their business, and three create enough traffic on the network to warrant selling display ad space… plus I can sell a few ads myself too. Every one wins!

So, until I find some way, or some one to develop this script I am holding off on further development of this network. (If you know someone who can help me develop this PayPal/Membership script - pleas let us know.