A Short Overview - www.MyWestGeorgia.com

Dear West Georgia,

Concerning the ad system on ‘MyWest Georgia’, as we have it currently set up, a company receives a domain name and website hosting included in the price of their ‘Business Directory’ ad on the network (a $130 value per year)  for less than $30 a year if they choose to sign up for our six year plan.

The client’s Domain name is held in an account wholly controlled by the client or their agent - and the hosting service is a commercial level service complete with a control panel and all of the bells and whistles which provides the site designer practically everything they need to build a professional website and to set up company e-mail accounts.

The hosting service includes a C-Panel Website Manager, 10 Databases, 250mb Disk Space, 2gb Monthly Bandwidth, 25 e-Mail Accounts, Fantastico Script Installation Service, Stats, Personal Backup and Restore Tools*, File Managers, Text and HTML Page Editors, and Much More!

- * We back up your site on a weekly basis and keep the last four weeks on file… we can show you how to also automatically back up your site personally as often as you deem necessary.

Next the client company can obtain the classified ad package which will best advertise each of their services, merchandise, members, missions, sales, etc….

And we will go one better - because your website is hosted on our servers, you can port your ads to your website.  

For example a Real Estate Company can post a business directory ad and then set up an account to advertise their individual properties for sale. They get a free domain name and website hosting, and all they have to do is find a web designer who can put this together for them to build their company website where the ads they create on our network automatically display on their website (without any outside ads).

This means you can enter your company ads once… and your ads will rank exceptionally well on the search engines (national advertising), your ads will be featured on our network (local community advertising), and should you decide to incorporate your ads into your website too, you will have your niche marketing efforts shored up… by inputting each ad just one time.

Of course this can work for community organizations and the members and/or missions they undertake… Property management firms and their tenants… Furniture stores and their merchandise… Professionals and their services… the list goes on.

We also have a ‘Local Blogs’ section which we have incorporated into the network. Post your success stories on your blog and advertise your blog with one of our top ranking ads, while affording visitors on the ‘My West Georgia’ network the ability to read your posts… and as an added plus, the links from these ads make your blog and your website even more popular on the search engines.

The project is simple to understand and here at ‘Live Strong And Prosper’ we explain how to use the network for almost any company, organization or community effort and we would like to speak with you concerning the opportunities which this project offers you.

We would like to also make the network an altruistic avenue for people to help their communities. Ads for non-profit organizations are free and those who learn how to build a great looking ad on the system can support not-for-profit efforts for free. Of course those who become proficient at creating great looking ads on the network can offer this as a service to others therefore opening doors of opportunity for everyone in the West Georgia region.

But… we can see the writing on the wall. If this takes off like we want it to… we will not be able to do it all by ourselves. This is the reason we open the door for outside assistance and even have opened the WestGeorgiaWebsiteDesign.com website to advertise the services of local web designers who can also help integrate local websites into the network.

We would appreciate any ideas you may have which would help to make this effort a better resource for our communities while still affording all of us the very best online marketing solutions.

On another note, we will soon be offering sponsored ads and advertising exchange programs with other publishers and media outlets.

We would also like to incorporate a local news effort where we afford a news provider or providers the ability to create this content in exchange for ad revenue they can derive from ads on their pages within the network… but this is a whole other hurdle which can be addressed when the opportunity presents itself.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Please contact us at 770-258-1259 or admin@mywestgeorgia.com for more information or if you have any questions.

Vickie Wilson & Christina Miller